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The Petro Is a Scam and Bitcoin Is the Only Way to Send Money to Venezuela

Meet Aníbal Santaella Sánchez and Paola Rodriguez-Giustiniani from Venezuela. The couple left the country three years ago and live in Scotland now. Anibal started mining bitcoin back in Venezuela, but when the national forces started prosecuting miners, he stopped. Bitcoin is the only way for Aníbal to send money to his father in Venezuela. Listen to the podcast episode to find out how this works, how the exchange ban and the regime have ruined the country that ended in todays humanitarian crisis and why the Petro is a scam.

Max Hillebrand Is Busting FUD About the Lightning Network

Max Hillebrand is an economist who started reading Keynes when he was 9 and got into Bitcoin at the age of 16. He says “Bitcoin is for everyone”, even his grandmother runs a Lightning node. First we discuss Bitcoin and then Max is debunking misconceptions about the Lightning Network.

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Andreas M. Antonopoulos Busting Arguments Against Bitcoin and Revealing Real Risks

In this podcast episode common misconceptions and FUD about Bitcoin like high volatility, energy consumption, inequalities in the distribution of wealth and the risk of possible failure are addressed by Andreas M. Antonopoulos. Andreas is one of the most influential and well-respected voices in the Bitcoin and Blockchain space. With four books, over 300 videos on YouTube and almost half a million followers on Twitter he is educating millions about this groundbreaking technology. I was lucky to get him for a second interview after this about privacy, human rights and the future of Bitcoin in 2018.

Matt Corallo on the Social Good of Bitcoin and the Mindset of a Bitcoin Developer

Early Bitcoin Core developer Matt Corallo started working on Bitcoin in 2011. At that time he still attended high school and lived in Germany near Frankfurt am Main. He was a cofounder of Blockstream before he started working on open source projects for Bitcoin at Chaincode Labs in New York. We discuss many different topics, ranging from his interest in Bitcoin at the beginning, to current issues like miner centralization, projects he is working on – Fibre, BetterHash and Rust lightning to the music he likes.

Pamela Morgan on Inheritance Planning for Crypto-Assets

In this episode I am talking with Pamela Morgan. She is the author of “Crypto-Asset Inheritance Planning: A Simple Guide for Owners” a book about strategies to store your private keys for bitcoin and other digital assets safely for your heirs. Pamela is an educator, attorney and entrepreneur. She has studied Business and Computer Programming before pursuing a Juris Doctors degree. In early 2015 Pamela has founded Thirdkey solutions (with Andreas M. Antonopoulos as CTO), a key consulting firm that works with individuals and organizations to improve the security of their crypto-holdings and ensure these assets are accessible in the event of crisis, death, or disaster.