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Fedi - bringing simple, safe, and private access to Bitcoin

Today I'm speaking with Obi Nwosu and Pete Winn from Fedi, a new company that is building a community wallet on the Fedimint protocol. This is an exciting project because it opens a new form of shared custody for Bitcoin. The best custody is still self custody where you hold the keys to your Bitcoin, but for many people self custody is hard because they live in difficult circumstances, or can't afford a signing device. With Fedi you trust your friends and trusted members of your community, who hold the keys collaboratively.

First Bitcoin Miner in Zimbabwe

My guest is the first person to mine Bitcoin in Zimbabwe with ASIC machines powered by solar. Zimbabwe's monetary system is broken. After decades of mismanagement and corruption the country is running into another hyper-inflation period with 400% inflation in April 2022. Now the first Bitcoin miners arrived! Learn how my guest got into Bitcoin, what he thinks about the use of Bitcoin for Zimbabweans and his thoughts and experiences from mining.

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Adam Back: Future of Bitcoin and Blockstream

My guest is Adam Back the inventor of Hashcash, that was used as the proof-of-work method in Bitcoin. His work is cited in the Bitcoin whitepaper as well as in the Tor Browser whitepaper. Adam is a seasoned cryptographer with a PhD in computer science and distributed systems. As co-founder and CEO of Blockstream he is building the infrastructure for the internet of the future.

Building a Bitcoin Economy in a South African Township

My guest is Hermann Vivier, initiator of Bitcoin Ekasi and co-founder of The Surfer Kids, a non-profit social enterprise working for a better world. The two projects are located around the JCC township and Diaz Beach in Mossel Bay, South Africa. In an environment of poverty, violence and hopelessness the educational efforts of Hermann and his team of coaches and volunteers teach the children fundamental life skills through surfing.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos: Lightning Unleashes Bitcoin

My guest is Andreas M. Antonopoulos one of the worlds foremost experts on Bitcoin and open blockchains. Andreas is an educator, author of five books and an excellent speaker. His new co-authored book "Mastering the Lightning Network" will be published at the end of 2021. I was especially excited to be able to speak with him in person while we both visited Berlin.

Nigerian Feminist Coalition: Bitcoin Is Power

I am thrilled to have Damilola Odufuwa and Ire Aderinokun Co-Founders of the Nigerian Feminist Coalition as my guests today.

If you are following the developments in Africa, then you have heard of the #EndSARS movement. A protest movement against police brutality in Nigeria. When the central bank banned the Nigerian Feminist Coalition from using the traditional financial infrastructure to collect donations, they started using Bitcoin to fund their activities. Let’s hear from Dami and Ire how they did that and how the current situation looks like.