Alena Vranova on the Importance of User Experience in Bitcoin


I met Alena Vranova at the Israel Bitcoin Summit in Tel Aviv in January 2019. We talked about how she got into Bitcoin, why user experience is the most important factor for user adoption, why she wants her Mom to use Bitcoin, about her hopes that the Lightning Network – as a global financial network – is about to explode in 2019. We discuss how TREZOR, the hardware wallet manufacturer she co-founded, and CASA, where she is the Head of Business Development and Strategy, support the security of sovereign hodlers.

I am a huge bitcoiner. But we as a Bitcoin community are very impatient and we want to enforce our worldviews on what they call the nocoiners. I don’t like the name, but you get me. We are pushing towards using satoshis or bits instead of Bitcoin, while the world has no idea about Bitcoin yet. There is certain impatience like …… we have the holy grail, why don’t you see that, your stupid if you don’t. So that is kind of the feeling I sometimes have, when I look at the developments in crypto, that are not user focused. – Alena Vranova

You are either completely left on your own, when you have a hardware wallet and you need to protect your keys or you go to a Bitcoin bank such as Coinbase and there is nothing in between and we need to bridge that. – Alena Vranova

Sometimes I think marketing is almost a swear word for some Bitcoiners. But Marketing is not a bad thing. Bitcoin is a product of collective effort and it deserves a better name and it deserves a nicer interface. So my Mom could eventually say ‘Of course I use Bitcoin’. – Alena Vranova


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Recording Date: January 8, 2019
Location: Israel Bitcoin Summit, Tel Aviv



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