Dan Held: Silicon Valley Fundamentally Doesn’t Understand Bitcoin


Dan Held is the Director of Business Development for all products of Kraken. Kraken is one of the worlds biggest and well known cryptocurrency exchanges. Before that he co-founded and developed products like ZeroBlock and Interchange, that were aquired later on. In between he served in the rider growth team at Uber. He lives and works in Silicon Valley. We met at the Baltic Honeybadger Conference in Riga and discussed topics like the bitcoin distribution, what he finds surprising about Satoshi Nakamotos ideas, a possible bitcoin supercycle that’s in the making and much more.

We discuss:

  • Interchange, a tool for Crypto hedge funds
  • ZeroBlock App
  • His learnings at Uber
  • HODLing vs. Spending
  • Half a billion or a billion users is needed for stabilizing bitcoins price (est. 20 – 40 Million users now)
  • The halvening
  • Onboarding a billion users
  • Libra might help differentiate bitcoins value proposition
  • Governments can try to forbid bitcoin
  • Why the bitcoin distribution is fair
  • #RunForHalfin @VitusZe @RusselOkung
  • What surprised him about Satoshis writings

“I was born to hodl with a name like Held.” – Dan Held

“I think there might be a bitcoin supercycle coming up.” – Dan Held

“People come for the trading and stay for the sound money.” – Dan Held

“Silicon Valley fundamentally doesn’t understand bitcoin.” – Dan Held


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Dan Held: Silicon Valley Fundamentally Doesn't Understand Bitcoin


Recording Date: September 14, 2019
Location: Baltic Honeybadger Conference, Riga



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