Funding A School With Bitcoin in Zimbabwe | Miss Aurra


My guest is Miss Aurra headmistress at St. Anne’s school, a visionary and entrepreneur from Harare. She has been using bitcoin since 2020, when we first met and installed a BTC wallet on her phone. We’re talking about how she was able to re-open the school with the help of bitcoin donations and about the successful opening of a second premise. We also discuss the hardships of money inflation, what people think about Bitcoin and where much of the USD liquidity comes from.

Donate for St. Anne’s School

St. Anne’s school is in need of sports equipment, library books and computers. BFF donated 250 USD for one (2nd hand) computer in March 2022, which is now their second device of ten. Our goal is to get them to ten computers (~ 2,500 USD), which will be used by 120 students from the age of 5 to 15.
Ms. Aurra is also working with BFF on easy to understand Bitcoin infographics, that will be used to educate kids and adults in emerging countries about Bitcoin.


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