Jameson Lopp: Bitcoin Will Never Die, It’s a Pure Form of Economic Interaction


Jameson Lopp is very well known in the Bitcoin space for his wide expertise on security, technology and privacy. He is maintaining and curating a Bitcoin resources page with links to valuable information on Bitcoin and since his house was swatted by police in 2017 after an unknown attacker reported a false hostage situation, he is a cypherpunk at heart. Jameson is the CTO at Casa, a company devoted to providing products for personal sovereignty.

“Bitcoin can’t be dead, until we all agree that it is dead and it is so widely distributed now.” – Jameson Lopp

  • Money is language
  • Byzantine generals problem
  • Security of Bitcoin
  • Why full nodes are important
  • Trust and reputation
  • When should I sell?
  • Is Bitcoin dying because ____?
  • On Bitcoin being built by the NSA, FBI
  • On becoming a cypherpunk
  • Privacy and fungibility
  • Tainted coins
  • Facebook and Libra
  • A bitcoin miner in every household
  • The Casa node, the keymaster app and the seedless setup
  • Personal sovereignty
  • His vision for Bitcoin

“The game of just speculating is a waste of time and it’s not adding a lot of value to the system.” – Jameson Lopp

“We need to have a very solid user friendly foundation of security, if we want average people, who don’t live, eat and breathe Bitcoin all day long to be able to do this. They need to be as confident with their bitcoin wallet as they are with the money in their bank, so we still have a long way to go for that.” – Jameson Lopp


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Jameson Lopp: Bitcoin Will Never Die, It’s a Pure Form of Economic Interaction


Recording Date: September 14, 2019
Location: Baltic Honeybadger Conference, Riga



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