Janine Roemer: Censorship Resistant Journalism Needs Censorship Resistant Money


Janine Roemer is an independent journalist, who went from technophobe to cypherpunk. She heard about Bitcoin in 2012 and is working in the Bitcoin space since 2014. We talk about her concept of a revision controlled journalism that could lead to more objectiveness in the media landscape and replace churnalism and fake news through an independent funding model with bitcoin and lightning payments, research and quoting sources.

We discuss:

  • Definition of Cypherpunks
  • Identity vs. anonymity
  • Mass surveillance
  • Revenge porn, deep fakes
  • Definition of “criminal”
  • Fake news, Ad surveillance model
  • Lightning payments as a funding model for journalism
  • Steem.it platform for blogging and social media
  • Civil uses Ethereum, is a spoke of Consensus
  • Censorship resistance of “blockchain” platforms
  • Open Timestamps and services
  • Revision controlled journalism
  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Confusion about tax regulation
  • LibrePatron
  • Self hosting as a security measure
  • WordPress, Lightning publishing plugin with BTCpayserver
  • Adoption of self-hosted journalism
  • How to be more private and secure in todays world
  • Surveillance capitalism
  • Linking social media profiles to identities
  • US Border control, Being detained at the airport


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Recording Date: October 15, 2019
Location: Berlin



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