John Carvalho: Bitcoin Is Not About Getting Rich, It Is Meant to Be Freedom Money


Wether you are a newbie or a Bitcoin enthusiast, this interview with John Carvalho, one of the rare people with strong views and rhetorical talent at the same time, will bring you joy and new insights. John is the CCO of Bitrefill, a swedish company that sells giftcards and phone refills for cryptocurrencies and offers “Thor” a lightning network services provider. He says, his higher boss is Bitcoin and he is working for bitcoin since it’s price was 10 USD. John Carvalho has seen a lot of things happening in the bitcoin space, let him inspire you.

“Bitcoin is the best store of value.” – John Carvalho

This episode was recorded at the Lightning Conference in Berlin in October 2019.

  • Being powerless and taking back power
  • From a meme on Twitter to Bitrefill
  • Bitcoins development in the last years
  • Growth of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network
  • Changing into saving mode
  • Being paid in bitcoin
  • Why bitcoiners like ETFs
  • Libra, Central Bank Money
  • Price manipulation and trading
  • Evaluating altcoins
  • Privacy at the base layer
  • Bcash dances, Roger Ver and Craig Wright
  • On ignorant money
  • Founding of Bitrefill
  • Buying gift cards cross border
  • Thor: a lightning network service provider
  • Blockchain in supply chains
  • How to educate yourself about Bitcoin

“Do not trade, unless it’s your career.” – John Carvalho

“The job of every altcoin is creating a narrative aganist bitcoin and whoever has the best narrative against bitcoin gets the most ignorant money.” – John Carvalho

“Bitcoin means, that I can be actually free and be a sovereign individual doing what I want, as long as it does not hurt somebody else.” – John Carvalho

“I just don’t think Bitcoin dies.” – John Carvalho


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Recording Date: October 19, 2019
Location: The Lightning Conference, Berlin



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