Jonathan Leong: Building an Exchange for Easy Access to Bitcoin


Jonathan Leong is a coder as well as the Co-founder and CEO of BTSE a multi-currency digital assets exchange and derivatives platform. His goal for BTSE is to make bitcoin affordable for anyone by reducing the volatility of bitcoin through the allocation of liquidity. I also asked him about their criteria for altcoins to be listed on the exchange and how they managed to get through the bear market successfully.

  • From mining farms to trading
  • How to mine successfully through the bear market
  • What a futures contract is
  • Liquidity management at exchanges
  • Regulations in the Arab Emirates
  • Bitmex, Deribit as competitors
  • Futures 2.0
  • Non-custodial order placement with the Liquid network
  • Bad actors and the security of an exchange platform
  • Libra, Telegram token
  • Criteria to list an asset
  • Workweek of the CEO of an exchange
  • BTSE roadmap
  • Financing the project

“I wanna make bitcoin affordable for anyone.”, says Jonathan Leong, CEO of BTSE


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Jonathan Leong: Building an Exchange for Easy Access to Bitcoin


Recording Date: September 14, 2019
Location: Baltic Honeybadger Conference, Riga



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