Locha Mesh – Chat and Send Bitcoin Anonymously Without Internet


Randy Brito is the founder of bitcoinvenezuela.com and the CEO of Locha Mesh. With the Locha Mesh device one can send text, audio, and Bitcoin without cell service or internet as long as the device has battery life. Locha Mesh nodes create high bandwith long range decentralized radio networks to connect devices at up to 4km away from each other, and relay information to reach longer distances.

We talk about

  • Locha Mesh censorship resistant payments and internet
  • Bitcoin payments without internet and without electricity
  • Each device is a node by itself
  • Blockstream satellite sends block data
  • Building their own protocol
  • You can browse the internet with the device
  • Send text messages, images, bitcoin transactions
  • You can build your own apps
  • Business Idea and Network effect
  • Alternative communication infrastructure
  • Privacy


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Recording Date: October 18, 2019
Location: The Lightning Conference, Berlin



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