Pamela Morgan on Inheritance Planning for Crypto-Assets


In this episode I am talking with Pamela Morgan. She is the author of “Crypto-Asset Inheritance Planning: A Simple Guide for Owners” a book about strategies to store your private keys for bitcoin and other digital assets safely for your heirs. Pamela is an educator, attorney and entrepreneur. She has studied Business and Computer Programming before pursuing a Juris Doctors degree. In early 2015 Pamela has founded Thirdkey solutions (with Andreas M. Antonopoulos as CTO), a key consulting firm that works with individuals and organizations to improve the security of their crypto-holdings and ensure these assets are accessible in the event of crisis, death, or disaster.

“There are two sides to all inheritance planning with crypto assets. Your technical plan must match your legal plan otherwise you’re gonna end up with a legal problem.” – Pamela Morgan

“Multisignature changes custody, you basically going from don’t be evil, don’t take the money of your clients to can’t be evil.” – Pamela Morgan

“The major reasons why people loose their crypto-assets: Nr 1 They don’t backup their wallets; Nr 2 They don’t find the backups anymore or separate it.” – Pamela Morgan

“Never send all your money to a new wallet. Always send a test transaction with a very small amount and make sure that you can send and receive.” – Pamela Morgan


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Pamela Morgan on Inheritance Planning for Crypto-Assets


Recording Date: October 13, 2018
Location: Online



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