Randy Brito: How People Are Using Bitcoin in Venezuela


Randy Brito is the founder of bitcoinvenezuela.com and the CEO of Locha Mesh. In 2012 he started publishing educational material about Bitcoin in Spanish and translated the interface of the Electrum Wallet. We are talking about the economical situation in Venezuela, how authorities extorted miners in 2015 and how people are using bitcoin today.

We talk about:

  • Started bitcoinvenezuela.com in 2012
  • Economical situation Venezuela
  • Spanish translator for electrum wallet 2012
  • Bitcoin is used to get money in and out of Venezuela
  • Most liquid currency in Venezuela in the moment
  • How people buy online in the US and get delivered to the border
  • ~ 300.000 people use bitcoin
  • People fled Venezuela with their families with the help of bitcoin
  • 2015 authorities extorted miners
  • Origin of the Petro
  • Seized mining devices are used by the government


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Recording Date: October 15, 2019
Location: The Lightning Conference, Berlin



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