Richard Myers About Bitcoin Without Internet and the Importance of Financial Freedom


Richard Myers is the product engineer for txTenna, a project that extends the range for sending and receiving bitcoin transactions over the Blockstream bitcoin satellites and a mesh network. This basically enables using Bitcoin without internet connection. He presented the project together with Adam Back at the Magical Crypto Conference in May 2019. In the podcast interview we go deeper into the ideas and philosophy behind his interest in Bitcoin and how the mesh network allows for more privacy in financial transactions with Bitcoin.

“Having privacy in your financial transactions is a human right and Bitcoin gives you the ability to enforce that right in a peaceful way.” – Richard Myers

“They deputized the banking system as a law enforcement organisation.” – Richard Myers

“Everything the cypherpunks worried about has come to pass.” – Richard Myers

“Not you keys, not your coins, but its also not your privacy either.” – Richard Myers

  • Building a decentralized multiplayer game in 2004
  • Getting into Bitcoin
  • His early use case for Bitcoin
  • Organizing a Bitcoin MeetUp in Sweden
  • How he was inspired by Nick Szabo on Twitter
  • Alex Gladstein talk at the MCC2019
  • How Bitcoin could be attacked from the communication layer
  • Beaming the Bitcoin blockchain
  • Adding robustness to the system
  • What a mesh network is
  • Lightning Network and incentives for mesh relays
  • Tracking smartphones
  • Military, firefighters use mesh networks
  • How Blockstream satellites and txTenna work
  • Off-grid and privacy component
  • How to send transactions with GoTenna
  • Integrating goTenna into a cellphone
  • txTenna is open source and 3rd party reviews
  • Marketing perspective, user groups
  • Bitcoins effect on society
  • Money laundering
  • Democatizing freedom
  • Cypherpunk movement and financial privacy


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Richard Myers About Bitcoin Without Internet and the Importance of Financial Freedom


Recording Date: May 13, 2019
Location: GoTenna office, Brooklyn, New York



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