Rodolfo Novak Bitcoin Goes to Zero or It Goes to the Moon


Rodolfo Novak is an entrepreneur and a long time bitcoiner. He is building products like the OpenDime, the Coldcard Wallet, the BlockClock and is experimenting with a lot of other stuff connected to bitcoin. We talk about security, privacy and the future of Bitcoin as well as why he started to build hardware wallets.

We discuss:

  • His journey into Bitcoin
  • Coinkite payment terminals in 2013
  • How he realized that bitcoin is a store of value
  • The inherent right of privacy
  • If governments can forbid bitcoin
  • Sending bitcoin over radio
  • How OpenDime came into existence
  • Coldcard Wallet
  • Lightning vending machine
  • Blockclock
  • Future of Bitcoin

“You can’t force adoption, it’s a need thing. There was a need for bitcoin.” – Rodolfo Novak

“Security is always a set of tradeoffs.” – Rodolfo Novak

“Bitcoin gives you a hard lesson on what money is.” – Rodolfo Novak


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Recording Date: September 14, 2019
Location: Baltic Honeybadger Conference, Riga



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