Satoshi Freeathlon a Sports Event to Raise Awareness for Bitcoin


A group of sport- and Bitcoin enthusiasts got together to challenge themselves in a 4 day race with 14 km of swimming, 280 km of biking and 63 km of running to raise positive awareness for Bitcoin. The race is named Satoshi Freeathlon (freeathlon = Freestyle + Triathlon) and is organized by team satoshi. The idea behind team satoshi is to bring forward bitcoin and the decentralization of power and money as well as the ideals of Bitcoin, which come from the Cypherpunk Manifesto (human rights, freedom of information, freedom of expression, transaction freedom, right to privacy). The team is named after Satoshi Nakamoto the unknown inventor of Bitcoin.

Seven participants from three nations will be swimming, biking and running from Zug to Munich. In total that will be 357 kilometers. Start is on August 24th 2019 in Zug, four days later the team will be welcomed at the Bitcoin MeetUp event at Bikini Mitte in Munich.

In this episode all seven participants of the Satoshi Freeathlon talk about the idea and motivation for them to participate and what Bitcoin means to them.


All 4 days – the “Core team”: Vitus Zeller, Moritz Biersack, Thomas Bette

Single day participants:

Jeremias Kangas, founder of localbitcoins – Day 1
Anita Posch, host of the Bitcoin & Co. Podcast – Day 1 (swimming, cycling), Day 3
Veronika Kütt of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center – Day 4
Andreas Zeller – Day 1 (running)

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Recording Date: August 18, 2019
Location: Online



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