Tatiana Moroz: Bitcoin Is a Tool to Liberate Humanity and Gives Power to Creators


Tatiana Moroz is an American folk singer-songwriter, liberty activist, and peaceful revolutionary. She is in the Bitcoin space since 2012 and is pioneering creative autonomy and freedom as the creator of the world’s first artist cryptocurrency Tatiana Coin. Tatiana merges music with blockchain technology to renew the power of songwriters and creators. Her inspiring album “Keep The Faith” was released in 2017 and was funded completely with cryptocurrency. She wrote a song about Bitcoin, it’s called the “Bitcoin Jingle” and it is featured in this episode.

“Blockchains can take us away from the music industry cartel.” – Tatiana Moroz

“If you’re a major label you are also getting screwed by these big social media companies.” – Tatiana Moroz

We are talking about:

  • What music and Bitcoin have in common
  • How artists can be supported directly by their fans
  • Social media platforms “own” your fans
  • Building a long term relationship with her fans with Tatiana Coin
  • Counterparty used for Tatiana Coin
  • Supporting Ross Ulbricht
  • Learnings from Tatiana Coin
  • Token.fm as creators platform
  • Tatiana show since 2014
  • Proof of Love podcast
  • Bitcoin conferences
  • Her event for the Bahamas
  • Bitcoins impact in the Carribean
  • Teaching kids how to code
  • Using bitcoin on a day to day basis


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Recording Date: January 23, 2020
Location: Online



1 Comment

  1. Anthony Sandry26. February 2020

    Completely loved you’re podcast!
    Tatiana, you are amazing and the timing for me in discovering this is perfect!
    As an artist myself, I’ve been looking into bitcoin as a way to free myself financially to allow the creation of my vision through music to be performing and speaking all over the world and giving back to communities, overall raising the positive vibrations of the universe
    I am inspired now to continue this Journey into learning about crypto currency and how it can assist me with making my dreams come true,
    Thank you so much xo
    I will now listen to the links and look up / listen to Andreas Antonopoulos 🙂
    If there is any other suggestions you may have on how to get started with bitcoin, I would love to hear them, as I’m currently working approx 60hrs per week for a company that has no alignment with my Vision, and I am literally transforming my life as we speak for the past 6 months, and this year is a complete life changer for me in growth, transformation, and giving value to others
    Thank you,
    Anthony Sandry


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